About Jules

The Jules Story

Located in the heart of Seattle's Madrona neighborhood, Jules is a jewel-box boutique specializing in carefully curated designer clothing for women. Taken on consignment, the inventory at Jules is chosen for quality, style, and elegance. Because of its small footprint, the boutique is easy to shop, and we offer superb customer service and personal styling services to help create a wardrobe that sings for you. 

We look forward to seeing you come through the door -

Warmly, Julie “Jules"


About Julie 

Jules belongs to Julie Moberly, who bought and re-branded an existing consignment store called Driftwood. Before buying the business in 2018, Julie loved the neighborhood feeling in Madrona, as well as the smart, stylish, and fun community of women who shop at the store. She enjoys curating an elegant collection of high-low merchandise for a treasure hunt retail experience, and is proud of the team she’s built to serve the Jules clientele. 

A writer, creative, and entrepreneur, Julie enjoys the hands-on nature of brick and mortar retail. Her mission is to provide high quality fashion in a way that is stylish, sustainable, and local: she believes that second-use garments - and the sharing economy - are key to a healthier planet.

About Katy 

Operations Manager Katy Coleman grew up in Washington, D.C. She graduated from Denison University in Ohio, where she met her husband Sam in 1989. Katy and Sam moved to Seattle in 1994. She worked in college admissions for many years before joining the bake sale brigade after the birth of her first son, Jack. Henry and Jim followed soon after.

Katy’s personal style is a blend of contemporary and classic street style with a little bit of edge.