Touching Base

 Touching Base

I’m writing to say hello. To see how you’re doing, to see how you’re making it through this unusual time. I want to know that you’re ok, and at least see your face through the window – if not your eyes over your mask, in the store. Saturdays have been busy, and it’s such a joy to reconnect with the energy and connected feeling we’ve all been missing since March. Many, many thanks to those of you who have come in, or waved through the window, or placed an order online. The support – moral and financial – is one of the many blessings I count at Jules.

 The boutique is open limited hours right now; Wednesday through Saturday noon to 4/5-ish seems to be working the best for everyone right now. But we’re always happy to help you out with a private shopping appointment; simply click through to the easy-to-use calendar on the website at And if you have a question about anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or Katy at Email is always preferred: we think it’s the best way to serve our customers.

 We’re boiling up to a summer sale that begins Friday, August 3 and ends Saturday, August 7. Katy, Cello, Evie, Lola and I will be on hand to help you find some really fabulous things for the eight weeks of summer remaining – September is one of the most beautiful months in the Pacific Northwest. And nothing lifts a gal’s spirits more than a new frock or two!

Speaking of which, of course I’m hearing a great deal about the lack of places to wear fabulous things. “Wear them to the grocery store!” Katy and I often say, and we don’t mean it in jest. The morale lift that comes along with a well-chosen outfit is good for you and the general public, creating cheer at a time when we have to be intentional about it. Do you need a mask to go with that new dress? Two Jules customers have created colorful, sophisticated versions on display at the front desk: cotton masks are $15 each, and silk kimono-fabric masks are $20 each. Thank you to Jenny and Heidi for making those for us –

 I’m taking the long point of view here at the store. I think this will come to an end, or some positive change will shift the game. Nothing spurs creativity like limitation, and I’m confident that the frontlines of healthcare are working to the best possible solution in the shortest amount of time. In the interim, this is tough. Not every day has been the best day, and I’m not going to underestimate the effort needed to create joy in a pandemic.

Whether we gather in the store or more virtually online, I hope we can continue to find joy in community and conversation. I look forward to seeing you soon –

Warmly, Julie



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