The Julebox Day 1

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will.” 

– Anne Klein

Getting started on anything creative is messy. It’s like getting dressed in the morning: you think you’re going to wear the sleeveless Boss sheath topped with a black cardigan and a sheer nylon – it’s chilly outside, isn’t it? – and then you find that the dress has a spot that didn’t show in the dark and the hosiery stash is limited to all those clearance-sale tights from Walgreens.

Despair ensues. 

Starting this blog has been a little like getting dressed. I’m starting out with an idea, but it’s going to evolve. The most important thing is getting out of the house. 

The basic premise? I want to share ideas for adding color, pattern, and texture to your wardrobe in a way that’s fun and joyful (Stylish); share a developing vision for a circular economy that leaves our planet cooler and greener than we found it (Sustainable), and share inspiration for places to go, restaurants to try, and small stores to check out (Local). 

And stories! Stories about style icons like our own Irina Croix, stories of people on the cutting edge of the sustainable textile industry – not so boring! I promise – and people who’ve curated fascinating wardrobes they plan to keep for years: fashion icon Jackie Doyle from Asheville is queued up for a feature I know you’re going to love. 

This blog will be like the treasure hunt that is Jules itself: sometimes you’ll leave with just a little nice conversation, and sometimes you’ll find something fabulous. But I hope you’ll always be glad you came by. 

Warmly, Julie


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