Dressing for Joy

Last February I went on a creative retreat at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house in Taos (the MDL story is a column all by itself!). While I traveled solo, it took no time to make friends that I’m keeping for life. Jackie, a career coach and life artist, became a particularly special friend. When we first met, she had subtle streaks of purple in her elegant bob, and the nails to match. Throughout the week she brought equal care and inspiration to everything she put together, and her way of dressing was as much an art as any watercolor she painted. It was inspiring, and a reminder of what joy dressing up can bring to your own self, as well as those around you.

Lately, Covid seems to be getting the better of our bright spirits. We’re making a game effort, all of us, but there are days when the unknown drains our joy battery. It’s hard to see beyond the many layers of our current circumstances, and the events we used to look forward to in order to brighten our outlook – the parties, the evenings out, the plays and concerts – are at least greatly altered, if not postponed indefinitely.

But there is hope at Jules! The phrase giving me great energy right now is “I don’t have any place to wear it” when a customer encounters a beautiful party dress.  Because we do!

Tonight I’m wearing a gorgeous fuchsia dress another friend wore to a wedding in London: a story like that gives everything a little fairy dust. I’m having dinner on the deck with my mister, and we’re planning our honeymoon (another column!). Yes, I could have worn the frock I came to work in, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate the effort. Similarly, Jackie took this photo watering her garden and wearing her favorite formal: that is inspiration in motion.

Dressing up – to water the garden, go to the grocery store, or meet yet again on Zoom – will bring you joy throughout the day. Not to mention your loved ones, your colleagues, and a weary general public. Right now at Jules we have lots of colorful dresses and blouses, and a great selection of early fall clothing as well. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @JulesSeattle to see what’s new, too. The Back Room is a new feature in the store, with a range of passing-out-of-season inventory that’s priced at $49 or less. This is a great time to pick up a bargain that will refresh your wardrobe, and that you’ll be eager to see next spring, too.

I invite you to come into the store for a little conversation, and an outing. If you’re up to your neck, shopping online – only the best of the best – is easy (powered by Katy). Stay in touch, and let us know how we can brighten your day with a little imagination, and a colorful dress.

Warmly, Julie

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